Obsessions of the Week

Writing / Pop Culture

The Story’s Story review of Avatar: Yes, I saw it on Christmas Eve with my family. And I loved it. I don’t have anything to say to you who believed the storyline to be zero: what the fuck do you expect near the end of 2009? It’s all been done, and our public no longer cares. Just go to the fucking cinema to enjoy the movie. Great review, however. Technology dipping in its finger in the technology it seeks to question

Slate: The Addiction Habit will tell you a little about yourself.

The Evolution of Car Logos is really neat. Weird to think that that stuff mattered back then– I mean, the car is being developed here!

I stumbled upon Lost Pearblossom Highway and I think I can speak for most LA based people when I say that no matter what perspective it comes from, we all love reading and talking about Los Angeles and transportation.

Films / Viral Vids

The Honest $10000 Spam… Not as clever as that guy that’s faxing us plots of Three Kings from Kuwait.

Medium Rare: I love the British. In every aspect of everything, they excel with remarkable creativity and innovation that I just cannot understand.

David Blaine Street Magic Volume 4… These will never cease to astound me.

Greatest Freak-Out Ever FAQ Real or not, I don’t care. As guilty as it feels to be entertained by this, I am.


Nothing like beautiful covers of rap songs to justify your guilty pleasures. Anya Marina’s cover of TI’s Whatever You Like is just that.

And while we’re at it:



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