Okay assholes, start commenting

I see my little WordPress traffic stat graph, and all I have to say to the four of you that end up reading something on the curse of the illusioned blog:

Say something to me.

Fucking anything, just respond to what I am putting on the table and you happen to munch on. I’d hate to start being like a commercial bullshit blog that prompts its readers to comment and create a community with me.

The truth is I don’t want to write if you don’t want to interact.

Actually the real truth is that I just deactivated the Facebook in order to cleanse my soul and focus on the more meaningful parts of life, like writing. So I’ll need social medium interaction in some way.

Help me out.


1 Response to “Okay assholes, start commenting”

  1. 1 sisterrene January 21, 2010 at 5:04 am

    the vast array of topics is impossible to pigeon-hole. your mind jets from politics to humor to relationships to random where-the-hell-did-he-read-that tidbits of information.

    if nothing else, i know i’ll get educated on culture…and indeed it’s unique.

    so, yeah. the commercialism is really deliberate, heh? AND it’s been going on for a good amount of years. TOO bad about the 77 cents. That’s saaaaad.

    that’s the beauty of your blog and others like it.
    so keep it up.

    i want to read about the soulmate…<3

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Another twenty some odd young adult who believes he sees things from a unique perspective. Here be my poetry & prose, short stories, favored school papers, rantings, and "blogs." Comment, critique, and profit.


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