Three Interesting Facts

Hey zero readers, sorry things have been slow. My life’s been consumed by research for a paper I’m writing and turning in a month and a half late, based on how the Nazi occupation of France parallels our lives today in the United States. Interesting shit.

I’d thought I’d share some facts I came about, since that’s what’s up in my life:

Fluoride in our water makes us stupider:

Fluoride can produce detrimental biochemical and functional changes in the developing human brain. Exposure may commence with fluoride in the maternal blood passing through the placenta to the fetus and continues during childhood from fluoride in food and drinking water. In the present study, a High-fluoride level in drinking water resulted in a greater intake of fluoride which was confirmed by higher urinary fluoride levels. Intelligence was, in turn, inversely related to the level of fluoride in both drinking water and urine. No confounding factors such as population size or differences in social, educational, or economic background explained the relationship.” (

There is fluoride in our water, in all our toothpaste. We’re told its good for our tooth strength; this may be true, however that development ends essentially with adolescence. After that, it just deteriorates our bodies. And our minds, apparently. Also funny? Fluoride-infested water exists primarily in the English speaking world. Interesting.

France was ready to blame the Jews anyway

“…the defeat of June 1940 provided them with an historical opportunity to eliminate the republican system, which many of them had always opposed. The president of the republic was replaced by a chief of state. All political organizations were banned, as were the freemasonic lodges. The new rulers did not wait long to name those they had long held to be the enemies of ‘traditional’ France and present them as responsible for the catastrophic defeat. Foremost among those considered guilty were the communists, the socialists, the trade unions, the freemasons, and, of course, their bête noire: the Jews. Believing that a majority of French were anti-Semites, and that they would support the restrictive measures, the Vichy authorities blamed the defeat on the Jews.” (

Pre Nazi-occupied France had a lot to take care of, including restricting immigration of foreigners (who we can guess are Jews, given that no one seemed to like them all over Europe). The Nazi invasion took care of more than we realize not just for anti-Semitic France but for the United States too; when you think about our fear of communism, we liked the ideas of the Third Reich…

There is no longer such thing as [American] public broadcasting… Basically.

“A comparison between spending on public broadcasting in the US and several other countries shows how marginalized everything but the commercial media are in the US. In the late 1980’s, Japan was spending $14 per person per year on public broadcasting, Canada $23.60, Great Britain $24.52, while the US was spending only 77 cents.  And the near total commercialization of the media is in no way confined to television. Newspapers’ practices and coverage have become more and more driven by commercial considerations, as has the publishing industry’s decisions. To take just one example, the Book-of-the-Month Club, which used to make its choices of which books to promote on the basis of at least some level of merit, now considers only potential profit. What can be concluded is that unless it would be commercially advantageous to address issues of political violence, there is no reason to suppose that the media will do so.” (

The media and news is run by corporations. Tell us something we don’t know, jayurbzz. Sorry, I just found this little statistic really fucking interesting. 77 cents? Really? We’re that consumed by consumerism and consumption and advertising… Wow.

My mom just arrived at the coffeeshop, so I’ll post more soon. Wow, I’m so stimulated by research I’m doing! How exciting! Stay tuned.


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