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While I should be studying marine biology right now and all it’s diatoms and phytoplankton and glacial drinking water, I instead of course find other things to do. While it’s not precisely blog material, I feel it necessary to convey who I am as far as a hospitable host and pull this from my “About the Couch” section on my couchsurfing profile (click that link to see it):

Deep in the heart of Long Beach lies a little apartment where two people wait everyday for the next couchsurfing request, praying and hoping to the gods of the ‘surf that soon the chosen couchsurfer will arrive to sleep on our couch….

Cool introduction, eh? I don’t see why Couchsurfing can’t be a mythical fantasy.

READ CAREFULLY: so we had an exchange student (alonso) move in and he lives on the couch. there is room for a second person on the couch, and he is comfortable with that. we also have an extra mattress that could squeeze a couple, either in my room or the living room. what this means: you will be sleeping next to someone–whether it’s me or good old alonso, you will be in my room or the living room. meaning please understand this in advance and don’t act weird when i bring it up.

we do walk around naked at times, also.

This means that I/we don’t care anymore: there are so many goddam people coming and going it seems that I’ve decided to scrap social/gender/respectable constructs and in the case of a full house just tell you your scant options–which very well may be in my bed–and tell you to deal with it. Yes, this continues with the fantasy.

you will leave a rule (if english isn’t your first language). on the kitchen wall we have the rules of the house in all sorts of languages, and you will add to them. you will also leave a note telling us how wonderful your stay was (in fact, you can write it in advance, as this will help define how wonderful your stay will be!–actually, you should do a rough draft before you come and then revise it before you leave).

I need to take a picture of our rules and post it for you few visitors to see. We have “1) Don’t cry in the living room and 2) Don’t call Jordan a big stupid.” in English, but that’s all. Little Lauren who stayed for a week or two looking for a place came up with these two as she said she was going to cry from all the spicy food I’d made her eat, and I told her no, crying in the living room is breaking rule #1. Then she called me a big stupid, so naturally things went from there. And we wrote them on the wall.

Following, we have “Respect the cunt” in Hebrew, “Don’t drink Jordan’s wine” in Serbian, “Clean up your shit” in Arabic, “Leave a note” in Swedish, and “Don’t walk around in your underwear in front of Christa” in German. It’s fun to have some ironic cultural twists in there, as saying “clean up your shit” in Arabic in Arabic-speaking cultures would probably get you kicked out of your family and ostricized from society and exiled to live in the Sahara until you die. Maybe. And “Respect the cunt” goes without saying. Israel is [essentially] America, as they grow up with the same music and movies and fast-food shit and we can understand each other’s pop culture jokes… and of course ‘that shit ain’t nothin but pussy.’

We drink a lot, I smoke outside because they make me, and we drink a lot. We also like to paint on the walls and play music inside the walls. I don’t really hit the ganj anymore but no problems here.

I smoke cigarettes inside when no one’s home, because I like to feel at home. No one fucking notices because it doesn’t stick to a goddam thing, but the principle means it just isn’t okay to smoke inside. I miss Europe. And windows.

The neighbors hate us because of my music. I say fuck them, too bad. Come tell me and I will turn it down and apologize. Since Alonso moved in, however, we play the radio mainly as opposed to my eclectic shit. It’s refreshing, actually, though commercials are just terrible.

We also don’t paint on the walls anymore.

I don’t hit the ganj anymore because I’m beginning to feel it’s just another way to keep a people complacent and stupid. Not that every stoner is lazy and stupid (quite the contrary in cases), but I feel the common proletariat who smokes because they enjoy it (plus it’s cool because it’s contraband) doesn’t give a shit about the problems we as the common peasants need to begin giving a shit about–and never will. So there’s that, plus just the fact that my mind thinks a lot more without it in my life. Perhaps too much, it’s driving me in malicious circles.

And I like it.

I used to be down with indefinite, longer stays but the problem is space now. If you’re one person you’re more welcome to be unsure of how long you’ll stay, two people we can handle 3 nights max unless things are going smoothly somehow, but generally- things get hectic.

I used to be all “travelers are travelers, we’ll make it work!” But now I’m like fuck it, it’s just inconvenient. This is SoCal bitch, there ain’t no patience for that shit.

I live with Christa, another student/couchsurfer who is a bit busier than I is busy like me, and Alonso (no profile), and we will welcome you. We already love you. We both have school and work so we can’t show you around all the time (but gods know i’ll try!), but if you’re cool with it you can come see California State University Long Beach, or even come with me to Hollywood while I work… Or you can just hang out and finish your novel. And of course, we’ll be around at night to watch the minutes slip by.. we normally keep it pretty cool.

I’d say this is a pretty large lie. I’m wrapped up in my routine. I don’t mind them adding them into my evenings and my usual deal, but I’m not sure if I’d sacrifice my free moments to go show a tourist the city or a good time, if it didn’t benefit me or offer me some sort of way to get something done. I am selfish, and I am proud of that.

Enlightening, genuine conversation nearly every night 100% GUARANTEED. I wish this weren’t true, it’s kind of making my head hurt. But you will hear about my homework and some era of French Literature and/or some esoteric parallels to society today and why it’s bullshit, rest assured.

Actually, my mind hurts and I think many think I’m a little loco at times because these conversations don’t fucking stop, in some weird way, and they never got a chance to get to know me before hearing all my ludicrous bullshit.

Please bring toilet paper if you’ll be a few nights–that shit goes fast (ba dum ch). Don’t feel awkward about bringing food and cooking, and know that when we cook we cook for everyone in the house–so please contribute as we are not as financially fearless as we’d like to be. If you can bring your own shampoo/conditioner/soap we’d appreciate that as well, it seems to disappear a lot faster these days.

Why the fuck is toilet paper ten dollars for 24 rolls?

Okay, so that’s my couch information. I won’t bother talking about the program and my experience with it, that’s a book in it’s goddam self. Maybe I’ll analyze/comment on my profile next time (isn’t the Facebook/Myspace/Internet 2.0 concept of making a profile about yourself an interesting one?).

Have fantastic weeks everyone. I’m enjoying nicotine withdrawals–no, I’m not “quitting”–it’s interesting to see how I deal with it and whether that’s the reason or not I end up smoking a cigarette at night.


New 9/11 Investigation: A call to thought?

Hungover, tired, not understanding how/what to feel regarding love lives, asking your forgiveness for the crummy metaphors and incoherence and length and attached emotion to the contents of this post that I beg you all to read; yet happy– Yahoo! News reports to us some encouraging news:

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Richard Gage, AIA, architect and founder of the non-profit Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Inc. (AE911Truth), will announce a decisive milestone today at a press conference in San Francisco, as more than 1,000 worldwide architects and engineers now support the call for a new investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. After careful examination of the official explanation, along with the forensic data omitted from official reports, these professionals have concluded that a new independent investigation into these mysterious collapses is needed.Mr. Gage will deliver the news around this major development, accompanied by signers of the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth petition. The press conference will be held concurrently in 38 cities in 6 countries.

These prominent architectural and engineering professionals will discuss the organization’s findings and concerns. A brief presentation of the explosive evidence they have compiled will be followed by Q & A. The presentation is an important update of “9/11: Blueprint for Truth – The Architecture of Destruction,” the DVD produced by the organization, and available on their website, which analyzes the scientific forensic evidence concluding that the three skyscrapers in New York City were demolished with explosives on 9/11.  The petition will be delivered today to every congressional representative by AE911Truth petition signers throughout the country.  Government officials will be notified that “Misprision of Treason”, US Code 18 (Sec. 2382), is a serious federal offense which requires those with evidence of treason to act…

If you have two hours, you can watch the talk (or just start it, but it’s actually really interesting and mouthwatering and scary. Skip to minute 21, or minute 46, or minute 70, or minute 76, or minute 91, or minute 94, or minute 103, or minute 110, to get disturbed with irrefutable truth). I’m a bit disappointed in the theme/design of his PowerPoint, as our society needs flashiness and class to be won, but whatever: this will make you nervous. This is not Zeitgeist, this is science. This is an example of how we’re only told what we need to be to believe. False consciousness.

On the other hand, it’s inspiring that non-conspirical (well, almost, maybe) groups are taking action: smart people! Humans are thinking!! And asking us why we’re so passive! Thank you TED (and I apologize for not attending even though Long Beach is your regional home at the moment)! How ironic this surfaces from the depths of the news at the same time it’s reported that Obama will make the final call on the “guilty suspects” of 9/11: by closing the case, could this render this independent research illegal, irrelevant? How ironic and sad that no one will listen to any source of information but those sponsored to reach their eyes. I’ll relate this with a rough draft bit from my academic mind right now (almost done being translated into English, I promise):

Throughout the duration of any type of occupation, we see collaboration above all else. Collaboration begins with a government, where a people is always seen under its direction, despite its own ideologies, perhaps stating that the government itself is merely an extension of the hand of the public. The Fourth Republic of France never tried to escape nor hide the fact that it wanted to simplify its people: the country’s new Tryptique stressed work, family, and patriotism, preaching the return to the earth.  This retour à la terre is more often than not perceived as the return to working with the earth to form communities, more sustainable and less dependent on external sources of nourishment or work. Such memorandum is easy to understand and does not threat with harsh implications to the public; thus from where could the complaints of the complacent come? This Révolution Nationale is a prime example of a government controlling the attitudes and mindsets of its people: to reconstruct the national soul is to rotate the perceptions of the individual.

Please understand the base of Marx’ theory of false consciousness: the material and institutional processes in capitalist society are misleading to the proletariat. To make sure the proletariat is complacent, happy, stupid. Let’s continue with the essay:

One has to look no further than our own war/revolution against terrorism and the post 9/11 battles against whomever we could conjure up reason. Look no further than the influence of the mass media in our lives: from that day on we have been constantly bombarded with advertisements for fear, to be wary of the turban and any spoken Arabic. Generally, with a television in almost every household being used almost daily, the average citizen watches the “news,” listens to it on the radio, or keeps “informed” via an online or print publication. Attributed to an obscure status quo developed by to what we unrealizingly expose ourselves daily, the norm of material desire can be simplified to nothing more than a comfortable amount of money and love, and everything that manifests itself with these: a house, a family, and entertainment. The adventure of travel or goals to change the world seem to have disappeared. “Cultural studies, drawing on a Marxist view of the production of reality, draw attention to the essential role of mass-mediated messages in sustaining the status quo, including the interests and perspectives of media managers and the interests they serve, which often are at odds with the everyday life experiences of audiences who use this popular culture content” **. While this is not a government telling us to “return to the earth,” this occupational symptom is unquestionably of the same psychological nature, affecting how a people believe they should be spending their time, living their lives.

**Altheide, David and R. Sam Michalowski. “Fear in the News: A Discourse of Control.” The Sociological Quarterly, Vol. 40, No. 3 (Summer, 1999), pp. 475-503.

This actually really makes me want to continue writing the paper… This really makes me want to flee to France and finish Summer in a Prologue with my amazing new narrator character I’ve created and can live my life vicariously through as I type him out. What a bummer that school has to get in the way of everything. There’s so much to comment on regarding these subjects, but I ask one question (or rather, a handful):

What would the exposure of the truth behind 9/11 do? On whom would the blame be placed, assuming all evidence will have been well & destroyed, and the public doesn’t care to believe anything outside of corporate news? It doesn’t matter who did it nor why–though I do think the concept of capitalism could quite perfectly explain that. We’re discussing the French Revolution in my European History of the 19th century class. It was spurred and essentially passed by the bourgeoisie, the upper middle class. Napoleon needed to keep their interests in the forefront of his mind, keeping them happy so economy and society could continue/flourish so he could spread his modernism. Without their economic/power/etc issues regarding the aristocracy, no revolution would have passed. Sure, he played a big physical part in the revolution, but the truth was that no one gave a fuck about the proletariat. A flying fuck. That’s why the church could keep a part of its power under Napoleon, so the people could remain controlled. The bourg are into that shit. Yes, a mere fifteen years after the United States secedes from Britain (by the way, we’re the only ones who call it a “revolution”), France goes through the same shit we might reach in the upcoming years. Imagine what conspiracy theorists would have had to say back then.

Could this possibly make us realize we’re allowed to think? That the truth isn’t always on television? Could this instigate revolution? People say we need reform, what with the economy and bullshit “two party” system, but reform implies keeping the fundamentals the same. We are people with thought & passion, capable of so much. Why do we not realize this? Why must life be as we’re told? I need to finish this goddam paper. Getting a little too worked up, and my thoughts are hardly coherent.

Keep yourself busy with some articles:

We are complacent, passive tools.

FBI wants to keep records of our internet usage. The NSA is teaming  up with Google. Another terrorist attack is scheduled for anytime within 3-6 months. It could kill, or it could destroy infrastructure (economic?), or both. It’s so fucking succinct, I’m surprised they haven’t told us who we’ll kick the shit out of after. Obama already got that extra money for the military. I’m scaaaarredd!!! cry the Dada-toting little girls, running to hide behind commercial rap artist sunglasses.

Cognitive Infiltration. If the words alone don’t draw you with their delicious tones, the concept will: Obama advisors want to infiltrate conspiracy groups, labelled “extremists,” in efforts to disband them. What the fuck? Got fascism? Got a stupid fucking dumbass population that won’t give a shit if Britney Spears’ mental state isn’t involved? Yes. Some more from my paper:

In the United States, we choose not to look at our government like each powerful empire that proceeded it: a struggle for power. “No more fearsome research frontier exists than the secret and covert foreign operations of governments in war and peace. Fearsome, because hard evidence is elusive… [T]ens of thousands of persons have been engaged in a variety of secret activities costing billions of dollars. Most of this activity has occurred beyond public scrutiny. Indeed much of it has gone forward beyond the span of control of executive, let alone legislative authority.”* Perhaps this is not the subject of this article, nor relevant, nor confirmed true; but could one say that he has never heard the simple idea that the United States invaded Iraq for the oil? I would say, despite the truth that rests below everything, that every North American has heard this accusation, if not believed it. This thought alone creates a feeling of fear from any side that the truth may find itself. What Benito Mussolini had said of Fascist Italy of the early twentieth century of his own fascism, il corporativismo, corporativism, has been compared by economists of our own society to the contracts of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal: “’corporativism,’ an ill-defined industrial policy involving official state sponsorship of industry cartels and labor unions, remained something of a taboo topic… Finally, to the extent that a government systematically delegates such licensing or compelling power to private organizations, it is a corporatist government.”*** Putting aside the United States government’s hiring of private military companies like Blackwater Worldwide to assist in the situation in Iraq or Hurricane Katrina relief (through which, among others, the government has paid over $1 billion dollars in less than two decades), let us pose a hypothetical question: imagine China wanted to buy Boeing, a sizeable supplier of our country’s arms. How would the United States government, knowing this acquisition represents a direct threat to the armed forces of the country, act? As ambiguous at the moment as in Occupied France, such situations cannot be properly defined because it is not possible; therefore, all we can do is ask the question.

Stemming from the events following 9/11, Northern Arizona University’s sociology professor Kathleen Ferraro makes a direct, and thought-provoking, comparison of George W. Bush to Hitler: “Once in office, [both] passed laws suspending constitutional rights: the Enabling Act for Hitler, the Patriot Acts for Bush. Both men generated support for military aggression by control of the media and inaccurate portrayals of threats to national security.”** All the average proletariat knows of terrorism is that it is bad; the word inflicts fear, and the images we see concerning the subject are never short of horrifying. Consequently, this is not so strange to affirm that the media—the news, the cinema, advertisements: our daily exposure—reinforces the government’s regime.  Ferraro continues:

“And both men promoted images of a mythical past of harmony and unity of people that they would restore through purging of both polluting foreign and degenerate domestic elements… It includes the uses of language, film, music, photographs, stories and myths, and the spectacular physical landscapes that influence the kinds of questions and answers that people are able to articulate.” **

James Fallows, news analyst of the National Public Radio and regular contributor to The New York Times and Atlantic Monthly, observes that “all countries fall into two categories: those that are so messed up we shouldn’t waste time thinking about them, and those that are messed up in a way that threatens our security […] We have a system of news media that tells people constantly that the world is out of control, that they will always be government by crooks, that their fellow citizens are about to kill them.”**** Today’s administration has succeeded in instilling fear, not only because we choose not to disbelieve it, but because this invisible status quo has disabled the development of the instinct to see the ambiguous gray within the good white and the evil black.

*“Untitled Review: Gehlen, Spy of the Century by E. H. Cookridge The Game of the Foxes: The Untold Story of German Espionage in the United States and Great Britain During World War II by Ladislas Farago, Project Paperclip: German Scientists and the Cold War by Clarence G. Lasby The Double Cross System in the War of 1939 to 1945 by J. C. Masterman.” The American Political Science Review Vol. 67, No. 4 (Dec., 1973), pp. 1436-1438.

**Ferraro, Kathleen J. “The Culture of Social Problems: Observations of the Third Reich, the Cold War, and Vietnam.” Social Problems Vol. 52 No. 1 (Feb., 2005):  pp 1-14.

***Whitman, James Q. “Of Corporatism, Fascism, and the First New Deal.” The American Journal of Comparative Law Vol. 39, No. 4 (Autumn, 1991), pp. 747-778.

****Held, Virginia.  “The Media and Political Violence.” The Journal of Ethics, Vol. 1, No. 2 (1997), pp. 187-202

I could give a shit about whatever whoever is trying to do however, wherever. I have my own agenda, I have my own passions to fulfill. I do give a shit about, however, being taught to lack thought. Like mice, ready for testing. We have shitty vocabularies that do nothing but slow down our thought, preventing it from reaching new levels. We are human beings that need to be encouraged to live, to create, to fulfill. Okay, I have to go do homework. If you read this, please post your thoughts. Call my bullshit.

Oh yeah, and above all, I’ll still blame everything on the church:

Breaking News: xtrell arrives with new lounge mixtape “cock-a-tail”

Happy birthday to me, here be some classy lounge tunes!

Put it on while cooking dinner, or waiting to go to the bar with some pre-drinking, or trying to make mom and dad happy during long car drives while still staying true to your modern beat-ism that’s hip and upbeat and no one knows about but you. Or just when you’re chilling. house, lounge, nu/disco, nu/soul, electro, nu/tango, nu/jazz, balkan, holy shit…

It’s probably not too great for making love. But for arriving at the step that could possibly lead to making love, this is probably great. I really don’t know yet. Also great for greek weddings.

cock-a-tail: Enjoy.

Tracey Thorne - It’s All True (S.O.S. Extended Remix)

Parov Stelar - Silent Snow (feat. Max the Sax)

Parov Stelar - Kiss Kiss

Kutiman feat. Karolina - Music is Ruling my Life (DJ Day Beat Edit)

Smoove & Turrell - Hammond

Skeewiff - Light the Fuse

Divine Mother Zebrass - Rain Forest

Armand van Helden - Funk Phenomena (Starkillers 2009 Mix)

Riva Starr feat. Noze - I Was Drunk (Original Mix)

[Dunkelbunt] Cinnamon Girl (Club Edit)

Mahala Raï Banda - Mahalageasca (Dub Shantel Rmx)

Narcotango - Un Paso Más Alta

Nekta - Here's Us

Caravan Palace - Brotherswing

Palov & Mishkin - Et de la clarinette

Quantic feat. Alice Russell - The Sound of Everything

Timewarp Inc. - Got That Vibe

Lenny Mac Dowell feat. Jazzamor - Je te veux

Tata Vasquez - Suite Guaracho Part 2 (Beatfanatic Rwrk)

Jazz Stuff Combo - Skrunch

The Invisible Session - I'll Be Your Wings

Carburancle - Drum'n'bossa (Vocal Edit)

Enjoy that shit.

Some Videos

I have a huge let’s-put-some-pieces-together video/article/observation post coming up soon, but I do feel that it’s time to share some of my cyber life. I hope these get you thinking:

Gotta love them Brits. It is rather ridiculous how much we decide to believe unconsciously, just as emotional movies with slow motion montages affect us emotionally.

And those onions:

Sorry, but fuck sports. Find something productive to do. I watch half an hour of the Superbowl and it turned into us creating literary teams against eachother (the ex-Patriots versus the ex-tistentialists: Rousseau’s going on long on the Hail Mary but WAIT! Sartre picks it off). Is the 9/11 conspiracy thing even hypothesis anymore? It’s like everyone and their mother’s favorite jokes. Interesting how “much” is going on regarding “the terrorists” behind the attack so recently…

A good overview on the war on drugs, from comedian sketches:

Funny as hell yet strangely eye-opening? And of course, more movies we want to see but won’t. I like the wheels under the sheets (make sure you check out his Tetris: The Movie trailer):


And in case you forgot (or never knew) that other country-ians could comment on US like we can, here’s some more Jon LaJoie (wait, Canada is like this too???):

Until soon (rather, until my paper is translated to English and I have something to post again): ciao!

Damaged iTunes Library XML File?

This post is primarily for all you Google or next-generation search engine users of the upcoming years who, upon opening iTunes and seeing a “reading XML library file” dialogue feel their face drown of all blood & color, pose the dreaded question: is my iTunes library really gone?? as they can’t locate results other than obscure bulletin board posts from an older era (2005-2007) to reference for an answer.

No, your files are all still there, it’s your library that’s having some issues. But guess what? It’s probably still okay.

Find your iTunes Music Library.xml file (Mac users this is usually in your User > Music > iTunes folder… Not too sure about you PC users. You should see both iTunes Music Library.xml and also iTunes Music Library (Damaged).xml… Here’s the fun part:

Duplicate those two files and drag them onto the desktop in case you’ll need them (hold down option as you drag them to the desktop and this will copy them). Delete iTunes Music Library.xml in the Music > iTunes folder, and rename the “iTunes Music Library (Damaged).xml” into “iTunes Music Library.xml…” Open iTunes back up, and voilà, if it was just your mac app acting funny again, you still have all your playlists and organisations and won’t have to wait a day and a half (per 200 gigs of music, that is) to have it load all the music into a database file again.

Yes, it’s that simple–if you haven’t a larger problem at hand. Obviously there will be cases when your library file truly is fucked, in that case I’m sorry. I hope you find this helpful, obscure search engine-r.

A New Semester

Let’s see the agenda:

Marine Biology (100 level): another $XXX toward the university régime making us take classes that mean nothing to my development, as we are threatened by a “harder quiz” if we are absent and need to make up the daily attendance quiz

Linguistics 170 Introduction to Language: Cool, except phonetics is tough. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I thought being essentially-tr-lingual would make things easy.

French 337 Overview of 20th century French literature: Gide (asthmatic homosexual momma’s boy who wrote a L’immoraliste–essentially a huge social commentary–from his dark bedroom, apparently due to his social insecurities), Céline (the first French guy to use spoken slang and dialogue in a novel, in 1921?? Come on, France), Colette, Apollinaire (this poet died of swine flu in 1917, motherfuckers), Eluard (surrealist turned resistant, poetry eeeh), and lots of Sartre (just got my Jean Paul shirt from Hirsute History) and Camus (I’d picked up L’Étranger in a foreign language bookstore in Nicaragua, seeing that it was pretty simple and would be suitable for an intermediate Francophone like me to read while traveling in the developing world without a dictionary; little did I realize what that novel meant, nor what it means to my own writing): yay! I get to read Sartre’s La Nausée for a presentation and couldn’t be any more inspired towards my own writing with it. Starting on the excerpts from Céline right now, so far so good…

French 440 Sense & Sensuality throughout France’s history: Just awesome, in theory: the readings are rather extensive but I’m sure one day I’ll be glad to say I read Rabelais in depth, next to Balzac and Voltaire. I’m sure I’ll have more to comment on this later…

History 337 Europe of the 19th Century: this class made me realize how bummed I am at what could have been my college education, if it’d been taught in English. I can participate with more confidence in class discussions, I can do the readings for fun, and I’m more INTERESTED. Maybe I really do like history more than I’d ever thought, I’m actually stoked on the assigned essays and all the content matter. It doesn’t hurt that our professor lives in Silver Lake and looks like a younger Keith Richards except with a degree in history and 2 or 3 books under his belt and is VERY liberal who refuses to call the American War of Independence the American Revolution and will not refrain from throwing in jokes and hints to how amazingly similar our society is to the fucked up, hypocritical, bourgeois pre/mid-Napoleonic society of the early 1800s…. Maybe that’s my skewed viewpoint, but it’s a great class.

I have so much to say about where we are thus far with these classes (as well as my social dynamics, how stoked I am that I’m finally surrounded only by people that stimulate me, etc), and I only hope I can make the time to elaborate further [here on the blog] on the subject matter we’re learning, and how I feel about it all in relation to my goals/writing.. Got the Novation ReMote MKII waiting for me at Sam Ash, got a new house lounge mixtape finishing up, and trying to refrain myself from WRITING, since I’m so excited on it… I feel I should bottle it up till summer and just let it loose like the anger that’s always en queue…

A la prochaine…

Another Phase: A-Trak’s Fabriclive 45

Day eight of no-more-marijuana, though I do think no-more-marijuana means just-a-little-marijuana.

Talk shit all you want about Wikipedia, but the fact is when you want information, that’s where you start. Apparently the FabricLive series was started by the London nightclub FABRIC and thus it only makes sense it’s titled FabricLive 45, as this is the forty-fifth in the series. Props that they gave it to A-trak, as his DJ name sounds like a goddam gun. Thank you WordPress for not giving me shit about the word goddam. Nitin Sawhney did 15 and Simian Mobile Disco did 41, so thank you for all the others 40+ artists that I’ve never heard of that did the others I’ll someday find the time to listen to.

I’m basically writing this right now because it’s been non-stop iPod play for the last week. And that week has now ended. So I’m reviewing it?

This is more or less the same playlist I heard A-trak make on the November 11, 2008 mix with Erol Alkan. Cool that 1+ years later his playlist remains the same, with more grooves (obviously) and a little more style. His personal copy of his own “Say Whoa” is of course much sexier than the original Nike Running man shit, with his own apple macintosh voices saying WE hear the bass and YOU hear the bass as opposed to simply THEY hear the bass and say whoa. The starting groovy bass line (is that from the DJ Sneak song mixed with it?) and putting his own twist on the lead synth… In fact, it’s nothing like the version every other wannabe DJ has in his collection, with his own little additions such as BASSSS from Public Enemy’s classic and a little John’s WHAATT thrown in there.

To be honest, I’m not sure why I wanted to write this little review. His remix of Boys Noize’ Oh! has made it a classic, and of course this is a brilliant track to follow Say Whoa. The next tracks keep the groove going, and Skepta’s Sweet Mother thrown in with some funky house sounds is pretty cool. But why the FUCK is it followed with I’m the Ish? I can only imagine this is one of those commercial tracks that any artist like A-Trak would find amusing and cool for a few weeks… Though of course he does know he truly is the shit. So who knows.

Metronomy’s Heartbreaker sucks, but Peep Thong follows perfectly the style of that beginning half of the mix, and I am very bummed about the lack of Van Helden’s Funk Phenomenon missing from the 2008 live version from which I recognize so much of this.

And actually, that’s about when I stop listening. Call it my music add (hahhh), but I get over his 4 or 8 bar repeats leading up to every goddam break. It’s cool for a few tracks (like Oh!), but it’s just old by track 9. His spinning and MC (I guess?) skills are obviously over the top and incredible, but

So there’s my shitty review, and here’s the tracklisting (thanks to Wikipedia):

 A-Trak/DJ Sneak - Say Whoa/You Can't Hide From Your Bud - Fool's Gold/Classic
 Boys Noize - Oh! (A-Trak Remix) - Boysnoize Records
 Scott Grooves ft. Parliament Funkadelic - Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk Remix) - Soma
 Voodoo Chilli - Get On Down - Cheap Thrills
 Skepta - Sweet Mother (House Version) - Boy Better Know
 DJ Class - I'm The Ish - Unruly
 Metronomy - Heartbreaker (Diskjokke Remix) - Because
 His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong - Cheap Thrills
 Zombie Nation - Forza (Original) - UKW
 Alex Gopher - Aurora - Go 4 Music
 Dance Area - AA 24-7 - Phantasy
 Robbie Rivera - Move Move (DJ Observer & Daniel Heathcliff Remix) - Juicy
 Daniele Papini - Church of Nonsense - Media
 Laidback Luke & A-Trak - Shake It Down - Fool's Gold
 Nacho Lovers - Acid Life (Nachos 909 Dub) - Fool's Gold
 Rob Threezy - The Chase - Rob Threezy
 Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane Remix) - XL
 Fan Death - Veronica's Veil (Erol Alkan's Extended Re-Edit) - Phantasy
 Simon Baker - Plastik (Todd Terje's Turkatech Remix) - Ongaku
 The Martian - Tobacco Ties - Red Planet
 DJ Gant-Man - Juke Dat Girl From The Back - Fool's Gold
 DJ MP4 - The Book Is On The Table - Musics Net
 Jamie Anderson & Content - Body Jackin' - IDG
 Raffertie - Do Dat - On The Brink
 DJ Zinc - 138 Trek - Bingo Beats

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