A New Semester

Let’s see the agenda:

Marine Biology (100 level): another $XXX toward the university régime making us take classes that mean nothing to my development, as we are threatened by a “harder quiz” if we are absent and need to make up the daily attendance quiz

Linguistics 170 Introduction to Language: Cool, except phonetics is tough. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I thought being essentially-tr-lingual would make things easy.

French 337 Overview of 20th century French literature: Gide (asthmatic homosexual momma’s boy who wrote a L’immoraliste–essentially a huge social commentary–from his dark bedroom, apparently due to his social insecurities), Céline (the first French guy to use spoken slang and dialogue in a novel, in 1921?? Come on, France), Colette, Apollinaire (this poet died of swine flu in 1917, motherfuckers), Eluard (surrealist turned resistant, poetry eeeh), and lots of Sartre (just got my Jean Paul shirt from Hirsute History) and Camus (I’d picked up L’Étranger in a foreign language bookstore in Nicaragua, seeing that it was pretty simple and would be suitable for an intermediate Francophone like me to read while traveling in the developing world without a dictionary; little did I realize what that novel meant, nor what it means to my own writing): yay! I get to read Sartre’s La Nausée for a presentation and couldn’t be any more inspired towards my own writing with it. Starting on the excerpts from Céline right now, so far so good…

French 440 Sense & Sensuality throughout France’s history: Just awesome, in theory: the readings are rather extensive but I’m sure one day I’ll be glad to say I read Rabelais in depth, next to Balzac and Voltaire. I’m sure I’ll have more to comment on this later…

History 337 Europe of the 19th Century: this class made me realize how bummed I am at what could have been my college education, if it’d been taught in English. I can participate with more confidence in class discussions, I can do the readings for fun, and I’m more INTERESTED. Maybe I really do like history more than I’d ever thought, I’m actually stoked on the assigned essays and all the content matter. It doesn’t hurt that our professor lives in Silver Lake and looks like a younger Keith Richards except with a degree in history and 2 or 3 books under his belt and is VERY liberal who refuses to call the American War of Independence the American Revolution and will not refrain from throwing in jokes and hints to how amazingly similar our society is to the fucked up, hypocritical, bourgeois pre/mid-Napoleonic society of the early 1800s…. Maybe that’s my skewed viewpoint, but it’s a great class.

I have so much to say about where we are thus far with these classes (as well as my social dynamics, how stoked I am that I’m finally surrounded only by people that stimulate me, etc), and I only hope I can make the time to elaborate further [here on the blog] on the subject matter we’re learning, and how I feel about it all in relation to my goals/writing.. Got the Novation ReMote MKII waiting for me at Sam Ash, got a new house lounge mixtape finishing up, and trying to refrain myself from WRITING, since I’m so excited on it… I feel I should bottle it up till summer and just let it loose like the anger that’s always en queue…

A la prochaine…


1 Response to “A New Semester”

  1. 1 nayskers February 13, 2010 at 8:14 am

    sounds like an amazing semester. also sounds reealllyy out there..almost worse than graduate level stuff.
    glad it’s inspiring…these thinkers like Camus and Sartre…remind me of YOU

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