Some Videos

I have a huge let’s-put-some-pieces-together video/article/observation post coming up soon, but I do feel that it’s time to share some of my cyber life. I hope these get you thinking:

Gotta love them Brits. It is rather ridiculous how much we decide to believe unconsciously, just as emotional movies with slow motion montages affect us emotionally.

And those onions:

Sorry, but fuck sports. Find something productive to do. I watch half an hour of the Superbowl and it turned into us creating literary teams against eachother (the ex-Patriots versus the ex-tistentialists: Rousseau’s going on long on the Hail Mary but WAIT! Sartre picks it off). Is the 9/11 conspiracy thing even hypothesis anymore? It’s like everyone and their mother’s favorite jokes. Interesting how “much” is going on regarding “the terrorists” behind the attack so recently…

A good overview on the war on drugs, from comedian sketches:

Funny as hell yet strangely eye-opening? And of course, more movies we want to see but won’t. I like the wheels under the sheets (make sure you check out his Tetris: The Movie trailer):


And in case you forgot (or never knew) that other country-ians could comment on US like we can, here’s some more Jon LaJoie (wait, Canada is like this too???):

Until soon (rather, until my paper is translated to English and I have something to post again): ciao!


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