CA to Legalize Marijuana? Why?

As a lawsuit threat letter from Marlboro proves, something like these cig joints were around for a while–until Marlboro got pissed.

There have been stoner rumors for years about how Marlboro has “Marlboro Greens” already patented and tested for the day the green dope is  finally legal, and since it’ll be on the California ballot in a scant half-year, it looks like that day is close since every one and their mother (and in many cases, their grandmother) smokes and advocates marijuana usage.

But I don’t get it. I don’t understand why everyone’s so stoked on it. Look past the whole “it’s about time the government gets with the times” or the “it was never legalized because they couldn’t figure out how to economize it but now we need it to combat the budget deficit” shit, let’s look at it like any other crop (i.e. tobacco) or any other substance (i.e. alcohol) or other food (i.e. beef) law.

Let’s think about it with a few questions I’d like to raise:

  1. Do we as a general public really have any issues with it’s legality right now? Let’s face it, it’s not simply illegal: it’s decriminalized. Meaning get caught with over an ounce and then you’re fucked with something more than a fine that would be like you picking up three sacs from the dude across the 7-11. An ounce is a lot of dope, a lot more than the average consumer smokes–and even then, to the average consumer that does purchase in that high a quantity, how often are they leaving their house with ALL OF IT (aside to deal it). We still smoke our jays in our houses and backyards and balconies, free of heavy worry for adults, and even for kids they know that they’ll be gone by the time the smell is, by the time the cop could possibly catch a whiff of it. At this point a good percentage of cops–I have no evidence for this–are cool with it and won’t even bother if you’re caught with a dub sack. Think about it. No one who wants to smoke marijuana is scared because it’s illegal.
  2. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s free of restrictions. Like tobacco and being 18 to smoke outside only, or like alcohol and being 21 to only drink indoors, or like being in Amsterdam and being unaware of the laws behind the legal dope: technically it’s still against the law to smoke it outside in public, outside of the coffeeshop establishments. The simple case-in-point being that in continental Europe no one generally gives a shit as long as you’re not blowing it in kid’s faces and talking shit to everyone. Plus you still can only buy 5 grams per coffeeshop. Relate it to the ten-foot-pole-up-the-ass United States: you won’t be able to smoke in public, you’ll have to be twenty-one, insert something else here. Think about it.
  3. Tobacco’s legal too. But can you buy pure tobacco anywhere? Of course not, because it’s full of preservatives/chemicals/god-knows-what in whatever form you buy it. Cigarettes, pipe, rolling tobacco… It all has some kind of shit in it, even if it claims organic there’s still some type of regulation on the farming of the crop or the seed the farmer uses… So let’s hypothetically place marijuana in the same category: we may be able to grow x amount of plants in our own backyard and not fret, but where will the seed have to come from? Or where will it come from the easiest? Think about it.
  4. Marijuana cigarettes. Literally. Like that image above, fucking Marlboro greens. Why the fuck wouldn’t this happen– we’d rather smoke a fag than roll one, why would we want to keep rolling our own fat jays if they came pre-rolled? And Big Tobacco companies, as they put it, are one of the biggest in the nation/world… Gods know how much herb would actually be inside one of these cigarettes, and the government wouldn’t require them to tell us either–just like with tobacco. We buy a pack of greens for $10 (taxed for another $3) then smoke one every hour to get our small dosage of THC and nico-chemicals… Then somehow crave a real cigarette. Think about it.
  5. Bye bye dealers. Sure, maybe for a few years there would still remain the same dealers we all knew, but with new restrictions being placed on the cultivation and marketing of marijuana (for economic/monopoly reasons, as we’ve been saying for forty years against its illegality), without the proper papers based on its growing or proper license to sell, dealers would still remain just as underground as before–with their prices going up just like in the now-legalized cannabis clubs. They’ll have to work harder to produce and maintain their crop as well as their sales, how could any price just remain steady? Everything will change. Think about it.

I’ll continue to this list as I get more time, but it seems so clear that this isn’t just to make us happy–they would’ve done that twenty years ago if that were the case. False consciousness, people. Look it up.

My opinion is VOTE NO to this proposition on the ballot in November. It’ll just contribute to making rich companies richer, infecting our bodies further with even more chemicals (through something we all trusted and loved and let our lives change for so long), pleasing the working class by making us all think we “achieved” a victory with democracy, disillusioning us even further. It’ll destroy any hope we have left of our flailing generation to make a change, and completely obliterate our children’s generation.

If you read this and have a discrepancy, or valid research to disprove what I’m trying to say somewhere here, PLEASE don’t hesitate to tell me.


8 Responses to “CA to Legalize Marijuana? Why?”

  1. 1 jc April 6, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    If you read the initiative at the sec of state’s site, you’ll see that personal possession of less than ounce and growing it yourself in small quantities is to be legal throughout that state. You can grow your own seeds, as well. I agree that there will be crap in the stores, but why bother with it when you can grow your own? then again if nobody buys the stuff, then the tax angle won’t work and I suppose it could be altered or repealed. But at least initially, it will be a very good thing. And if the people remain vigilant it can stay that way.

    • 2 jayurbzz April 18, 2010 at 3:34 am

      isn’t it weird that it’s illegal to grow a seed? just like it’s so weird that the govt. copyrights seeds…and then they blow into an innocent farmer’s field and they sue him…

      I like your insights. I have never given it any thought. I think we should all vote no. Imagine the wrench that would be…

  2. 3 Eric April 6, 2010 at 9:36 pm

    While I wholeheartedly agree that it’s wise to be wary; I still think the positives outweigh the potential pitfalls of full legalization.

    Some inevitable benefits include:
    1. Fuck the income from taxation. Just look at how much money will be saved on all levels of government from the elimination of Police and prison costs.
    2. Cannabis legalization will be a big step towards ending the ban on Hemp cultivation. For anyone truly concerned with “Going Green” this would be a blessing.
    3. Kneecapping the drug cartels who are waging, and winning, war on our southern border. It might not be a big deal for most of us; but it is if you live in a border town.

    As for some mega-corporation dominating and contaminating the weed supply; when the ban on booze was lifted the safety quality of booze went up.

    Enough growers get by now that they will manage to fend off aspiring monopolists if enough tokers stick to one simple rule: NEVER BUY WEED FROM SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T SMOKE THEIR OWN PRODUCT.

  3. 4 chugs April 7, 2010 at 1:44 am

    The problem with the American version of “legalising” (or decriminalising) it is that it fails to realise that there are many different models avaliable that don’t rely on the “free markets” to grow and manufacturer the substances.

    As the article implies it would be terrible world if cannabis was sold in the same way alcohol was retail.

    Cannabis needs to remain a controlled substances grown and distributed via the government and public health medical system. I believe that all drugs could fall on such a model where users were required to pass a medical examination and seek addiction services in order to receive narcotics. Furthermore as is the case in Australia most substances (probably not cannabis though) would have to be taken in a government run centre. Where safe use, under medical supervision could be conducted.

    Sydney, Australia presently runs an injection centre in the heart of its redlight district. For several years there have been no reported fatalities, those who do overdose are immediately seen by trained nurses and doctors, and most importantly those who are the most vulnerable to drug addiction have been able to access to a whole range of services. The centre has in fact contributed to a reduction in addiction and improvement in the physical and mental health of its clients.

    Furthermore the surrounding suburbs have all breathed easily. Street crime has seen a marked reduction and there are no longer syringes littering the street.

    Drug decriminalisation and legislation only work if the government maintains control. Clear the food and drug companies are incapable of safeguarding the health of its citizens. Look at the shit that laden our supermarket shelves. Before we know it they’ll be “boast” cannabis with all sorts of chemicals. There will be a 99% fat free one (but we all know its got sugar to mask the fact there is no fat).

    By governments growing and producing the drugs it takes away the massive profit margin.

    Let private enterprise do it and we’ll have a situation far worse then the murder and turmoil that plagues our planet.

  4. 5 Joe P April 7, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    Maybe you should make the comparison to beer instead, as it seems like the herb will be priced comparably. Microbrews are very popular because of variety. My suspicion is that Marlboro wants to have a monopoly on Marb Greens rather than have ‘Micro-rollers’ around. Think about it, there seems like there could be plenty of opportunity.

  5. 6 SurferDude April 8, 2010 at 6:18 am

    For me the issue has never been about how and where can I get my drugs of choice. It has always been to get the government out of the business of telling me what I can do to my own body in the privacy of my own home.

    As for the commercial prospects that materialize when Marijuana is legalized we’ll have to wait and see. Sure big agribusinesses could try and dominate the market, but there will always be the small growers that can provide a variety of excellent strains to the public. No more sketchy characters dealing cannabis. Buy it local, online or grow your own, it will beat the shit out of what we gotta do now.

    Seeds? He’ll I can get seeds mail order suppliers now, that business will only boom once legalization has occurred. The cannabis industry can grow in many different directions with a great deal of agricultural, medical, and scientific research creating new products, extracts and methods of delivery. I can’t wait to see what will happen…

  6. 7 tman4 May 21, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    i am for legalized pot.but the so called war on drugs wont let it happen,too many tax $$ at stack

  1. 1 California to Legalize Marijuana? Why? | Disinformation Trackback on April 6, 2010 at 8:02 pm

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