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The Love Police

I’ve found the most wonderful organization/fighter for change: The Love Police

The Love Police is located in London, it attends/ambushes political meetings of any partisan with its camera and megaphone shouting out that the elections are but for the middleman, serving the purposes of the super-rich and elite, and we the people are being lied to.

It’s fantastic energy, a fantastic mission statement with fantastic methods of reaching towards the universal goals of stopping this modern form of slavery and consciousness control. Accusing the big media reporters of being cronies, not allowing them to speak on live television.

Absolutely wonderful. Share this with whoever you can!


In a world…


In a world dominated by preoccupation of the past, chaos was ruled by those who didn’t care. Mystery was knowledge while fact was religion, as speculation was denial.

In this world, there was doubt. Doubt that didn’t yet exist but plagued the minds of every being.

Those who knew of the truth had no option, and those who didn’t cherished their apathetic rule. There seemed to be no hope in this world, not inside nor out…

But change was on its way, rushing in on the wings of a number that symbolized a day in the near future…

Where I’ll be living…

So I Google street viewed french_poet’s place in the middle of Brittany, France, where spirit_girl and I will be living for a few months this summer, where I plan on finishing a novel or two, where I plan on getting back into shape, where I plan on escaping…

Where I plan on having no plan. I’m so great with my own philosophies.

Anyway, this image was kind of a reality check. Truly by itself.. I lived about 3 weeks in Costa Rica in the middle of nowhere, yet at least 2.5x a week I hitchhiked into town to be around some life/have some beer. This will be interesting. I’m excited.

Some more perspective:

Yes, the complete edge of France. The complete center of the Western World (well, almost)…

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