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Spurts of Consciousness & Obsessions

Besides black coffee, of course.

CollegeHumor has been occupying my free moments who are not being occupied by my paper on the Nazi occupation of France in relation to the corporate occupation of America. Am I really writing one of my final papers in the university based on politics? Perhaps social politics and cultural aspects, but politics nonetheless joins in the mix… Wow. Speaking of conspiracies, these guys are genius:

That’s like this guy’s “blunder.” Could it truly be coined domestic terrorism?

Speaking of 9/11… I no longer hold an opinion on the happenings of 9/11. Once I met conspiracy theorists I became pretty apathetic about it all after seeing the hype generated. It’s bullshit in any sense of it, and by discussing it I just keep empowering the fear surrounding it: real or conspirical, the fear exists. Where’s the third option in our society? More of that to come….

This article at Not Exactly Rocket Science relates the meta-self to a camera lens through a study which I found very interesting:

First, he recruited 106 students and asked half of them to pose for a picture. They were told that the other group would rate how attractive they were in either a day or a month. They had to predict those ratings, and write a brief description of how they’d be perceived. In reality, all the judges gave their scores there and then. Epley reckoned that people would be better at predicting how others would judge them in the far future than in the immediate one, because we think about things in the distant future using a broad, high-level perspective – the same lens that others view us through.

Sure enough, the posers were significantly better at predicting the judges’ marks if they thought they were being rated in a month than in a day. The descriptions also supported his explanation. When the posers had to think how they’d be perceived tomorrow, they mentioned specific traits such as “hair tied in ponytail” or “looks tired”. If they had to read the mind of a judge one month in the future, they mentioned general details like “Asian” or “wears glasses”. These are the same sorts of comments that the judges themselves wrote in their descriptions.

A second similar study found the same trends when students had to record a description of themselves for a few minutes. Again, they were told that a listener would use the recording to form an overall impression of them, either later that day or several months from now. And again, they were better at predicting the judges’ actual scores if they were casting their mind into the future.

At first, this trick of looking at yourself through a less, detailed lens might seem a bit like another typical strategy used by would-be mind-readers – putting yourself in other people’s shoes. But that’s not what’s at work here – in these experiments, people are very unlikely to know that other people are using different perspective to their own. Indeed, other studies have found that people aren’t that good at taking someone else’s perspective and the strategy has little value in terms of understanding how others see us.

Maybe I’ll find myself a new lens and get over myself. I’ve been trying so hard to focus my lens I realise I’m too close to see at times. Interjection by Jason Cruz lyrics: sometimes you get too close to see a different side of what life could be, and if you stare too long it all becomes a blur, and its easy to forget just who we are. Don’t stare to hard, just take a look around. Simple simple simple yet so powerful. In a world full of mirrors a reflection is all you see. We’ll save my favorite quote from my punk days for next time.

And of course, among all this introspective contemplation, I find ameta-internet video! I’m so inspired:

I swear, I’m going to rename this blog “Daily Synchronicity.” My eyes hurt after Avatar and its 3D glasses, and I questioned why we’d go see 3D movies often. Then I see that they’re debating making television in 3D. Oh, wow.

One too many TED talks going on in my life right now, so we’ll leave it with one I haven’t watched. But how fucking cool that WordPress has TED tags now:

I’d like to think that science will never be able to find consciousness in brains, though after that DMT research I think that this proves the physical aspect of our connection to a collective consciousness. I no longer believe in imagination, or coincidences. And life is freaky. More on that to come…

Talking to a friend, we discussed the parallels between experienced business gurus and their younger employees and the same exact situation in science. We are youth, we truly are the future. We make change, no one else. We embrace.

Freud’s nephew was the guy we can blame for fucking shit up with consumer culture. Wow, carpe diem is a big mystery? Living in the moment is truly so shocking?. I’ll never understand, though I’ll never deny my involvement in it, either…

One more CollegeHumor vid, since I’m finally having sex (oh yeah, I think I met a soulmate. Is that too personal to blog about?):

I’m officially all up in Twitter since I like, deleted my like, Facebook, like. Follow me or something, you three.


The Subjunctive Revolution of New Age Slavery

After having a meal with some friends a few days ago, I realized how scared we are to give in to eating something that is not from a recognized corporate restaurant. I purchased my sandwich from a local deli slash corner store, the others just had to wait until we reached Subway, as they’d know what they’d be in for.

How has this happened?  Do we fear soul–knowing that a little creativity can go into a local sandwich versus the strict rules Subway must follow? We only acknowledge what’s made itself prevalent in our corporately purchased lives, dominated by the extravagance that we fear living without. We wondered how the Latin Americans could live so blindly—blind to the lack of progress they’ve made due to corruption—yet here we are being trained day by day to listen to horrible music that does nothing to stimulate the mind in any musical or lyrical fashion, to eat food we have come to be told is healthy yet know little about the science behind it, to drink the same chemically inseminated beverages because the marketing has taken us prisoner, to fuck the same type of person we see in our pornography collections, to study in the same styles as generations beforehand, to work towards some servitude of the future.

Imagine if James the Beatboxer really did prove that another method of counting–yes, just simply counting– worked out more efficiently than our own, that there were a DIFFERENT number system that solved all our scientific issues in a more productive manner: where would this lead our civilization? Assuming he wasn’t killed before it was made known, essentially all we’ve come to ‘develop’ or understand in our world could may or may end up fact. In a world based on the assumption that anything that cannot be proved by science is incorrect or irrational, this would send scientists and politicians alike for a loop. The streets would be roaring with the zeitgeist-ers and the conspiracy theorists that have yelled out to us for so long, and soon after our numbers and mathematics started over from step 1 (possibly step 2 or 3, that would depend on where humankind fucked up or decided not to acknowledge that there was another path to take–Freud anyone?).

We’d want to know other things, after seeing that something as concrete as numbers were incorrect. Why true, natural medicine has to be labeled ‘alternative’ when technically, a thousand years ago, there was no other option than this stuff that’s so ‘new age’ to us. Or maybe people will start to speak up about the music—how could it have been so magnificent and majestic and intricate a dozen generations ago yet somehow sunk into what the average persons hears on the radio every day? The lyrics have begun to decline even faster than the music quality—just in the lack of them!—they just repeat the same lines over and over.

With any luck, the population would begin to question why we aren’t taught to look into our dreams more, or at least acknowledge them. Or coincidences. Synchronicity. Science can’t prove what they are, so it doesn’t matter to us. It can’t be proven by any means our civilization has claimed to be legitimate, thus it is irrelevant. Maybe students will start asking themselves as they take out their textbooks why everything has to be set to a standard and to abide by a system already so firmly in place that even ideas that strike its surface aren’t allowed to make but a peep as our minds imagine it, because it’s coldblooded blasphemy to think otherwise. Slavery doesn’t exist? Tell me what mandatory education from age 6 to 18 is. Tell me what credit is, and why without having had debt, you can’t find a place to live. Why without a house and car by age XX, you’ve failed.

Tell me what a society encouraging their young to follow in the same exact metaphorical footsteps as every asshole that walked along the same road, leading to bigger televisions, more comfortable cars, and a heavier wallet is, if not enslaved.

Tell me why the word paradise springs forth an image of a palm tree, white sands, and an azure beach calling you to get in shape, order a margarita, and lay down next to it. Tell me why they look at me funny after asking me how Mexico was when they find out I didn’t go to a beach.

Tell me why they’re there in the same building as me to begin with—to make their wallets greener, their noses browner, with their souls more and more translucent, as they forget what an evening without aesthetically stimulating distraction is: passion doesn’t exist in the world of speed.

I’m glad I’ve been/am being educated. I’m glad I can eat whatever I want, whenever. I’m glad I can spend my money on worthless consumption. I’m glad I can listen to this shitty music that gets girls horny on the dance floor. I am a product of my society, and I’ve accepted this. But I’m scared for those who don’t even recognize it.

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