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It’s haunting me. It’s telling that it’s clear, that it is finally haunting me. It may well be undefined, but it is as certain as the fact that control-i commences an italicization. What is typed from thereon after the simple keystroke will be meant to be read with emphasis, creating a style marking that of the writer or that of his personal regulations regarding how he formats his specific terms. This what is important to one perception of the italics–but one will ask, what is the italics? We are assumed to distinguish how we’d like to perceive these italics in the bigger picture: that these italicized words represent something of subjective significance or something symbolically objective.

Arriving at this point in the process–label it what you will–we can assert that visual aesthetics play no justifiable role in this process, as we are creative thinkers and not monkeys. Given that what will be in italics is what to be emphasized, donning italics to select words grants said selection of thought the title of reason. What we aim to discover, to explore, and to understand.

This is given, as this is the common perception.

But given what are we not perceiving the thoughts behind said italics? We can determine what merits what we believe to be the correct weight of these italicized words and its thus-given intonation. One could easily arrive at this new choice of perception that chooses to discern that that perception offers no more pleasure in its dissection now that this perception (previously referred to as comfortably-unknown-and-thus-uninteresting) offerings something smelling so rousingly foreign yet tastes so definitively backyard-ethnic. Aside from the italics, do what do we owe how we choose to distinguish these adjectives among the distinction defining if we must perceive it as a) two whole individuals, b) the analysis of the two–which leads to the interpretation of the two, or c) sonorous companions–which could also represent the basic truth that these two individuals form a pair upon analysis..?

Perceptions vary. Opinions vary. To which do we owe our understanding?

So that’s perceptivism, in my own nutshell. Will we never understand what we don’t refuse to malcomprehend?

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