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Media Dump Post

1) The guy actually is as drunk as you may think he’s not. If you watch the series you’ll realize that everyone’s a pretty big nerd and clearly doesn’t drink too often. Maybe.

2) This is a true story, except that Edison didn’t just kill little lambs and stray dogs and cats–he actually killed a misbehaving Coney Island elephantand filmed it.

A fucking elephant.

3) “This was directly opposed to capitalist society…” He clearly went to the wrong place with his technology; yet the only place he could go to continue its research.

Funny how satire gives us more news than actual news networks. Just in a different physical manifestation.

…it’s what they don’t tell you…

This has gotta be fake. He sounds like Kenan, or Kel, or whoever it was that played the invisible boy in Mystery Men. Brilliantly hilarious.

This reminds me of the other day when I was at the park doing handstands on the monkey bars and some huge big buff black guy that I’d talked to a few times came up to me and asked me (with 5 minutes of introducing respect and “now I don’t know what you believe but”-s and “I don’t want to sound like the devil and I’m sorry but”-s) “…how could one man and his family get ALL THE ANIMALS on the earth onto one boat?? How did he know how to build a huge boat? How did the lions not go eat all the other animals? How would they get a North American grizzly bear in Egypt? What about sea creatures? How did they deal with the stench??

I laughed and chuckled and said good, you’re thinking. He said his pastor would probably dismiss the comment if he’d set it in service and probably ask him after church to never return. And I said yes, because you’re thinking.

PUNCHLINE: Then french_poet came by to meet me for yoga and I told him the story. He says, “That’s what he’s questioning?! The minute details? Overlooking the whole invisible god in the sky telling some old guy to go build an arc??”


nuJazz is so cool because it loves its roots. Or what it makes its roots. Or just cool videos.

Samuel Beckett was an Irish guy who essentially started the absurd theater in France, along with a Romanian named Ionesco. Neither of them were French but they felt the calling to write in French–neat huh? What’s even cooler is that after, Beckett translated all his works into English from French. How cool is that? This is an AMAZING rendition of the play created by these british organisations, complete with amazing actors and a beautiful set. It’s so goddam surreal.

That’s it. See ya.

Some Videos

I have a huge let’s-put-some-pieces-together video/article/observation post coming up soon, but I do feel that it’s time to share some of my cyber life. I hope these get you thinking:

Gotta love them Brits. It is rather ridiculous how much we decide to believe unconsciously, just as emotional movies with slow motion montages affect us emotionally.

And those onions:

Sorry, but fuck sports. Find something productive to do. I watch half an hour of the Superbowl and it turned into us creating literary teams against eachother (the ex-Patriots versus the ex-tistentialists: Rousseau’s going on long on the Hail Mary but WAIT! Sartre picks it off). Is the 9/11 conspiracy thing even hypothesis anymore? It’s like everyone and their mother’s favorite jokes. Interesting how “much” is going on regarding “the terrorists” behind the attack so recently…

A good overview on the war on drugs, from comedian sketches:

Funny as hell yet strangely eye-opening? And of course, more movies we want to see but won’t. I like the wheels under the sheets (make sure you check out his Tetris: The Movie trailer):


And in case you forgot (or never knew) that other country-ians could comment on US like we can, here’s some more Jon LaJoie (wait, Canada is like this too???):

Until soon (rather, until my paper is translated to English and I have something to post again): ciao!

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